Not one, but many apricot varieties

From mid-May to mid-September, our regions’ apricots regale our taste buds and brighten our days. We owe this prolonged period of availability to the large number of varieties cultivated in France: nearly forty! Each one is delicious either fresh or cooked, so get a taste of diversity and discover their myriad flavours, textures and colours. And remember, whether orangey, golden or coppery, the warm, glowing hues of our regions’ apricot are varietal characteristics that have nothing to do with the taste of the fruit.

Our regions’ apricots: nearly 40 varieties to please every palateur tous les goûts!

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Close-up on a few star varieties
Bergeron (22.4% of the French orchard1), Orangé de Provence (14.3%1), Orangered® (5.3%1) and Bergarouge® (3.8%1) are the four largest crops of our regions’ apricots. The range of growing regions and characteristics gives an indicator of the wealth of diversity to be enjoyed in the nearly 40 varieties available in France.

Abricots en vrac de la variété Bergeron. Un des abricots est coupé en 2, laissant apparaitre son noyauBergeron : In addition to being the most cultivated apricot in France, this is a traditional variety grown only in the Rhone Valley. When fully ripe, it melts in the mouth. Round in shape and pale orange in colour, the Bergeron apricot has a moderately sweet-tart flavour. It is picked at the peak of summer and available at markets from mid-July to mid-August.

Abricots en vrac de la variété Orangé de Provence. Un des abricots est coupé en 2, laissant apparaitre son noyauOrangé de Provence : This traditional variety from the Baronnies region between the Drôme and Vaucluse departments has a uniquely aromatic, sweet and slightly tart flavour. You will find the Orangé de Provence at markets throughout the month of July.

Abricots en vrac de la variété Orangered. Un des abricots est coupé en 2, laissant apparaitre son noyau

Orangered® : This deep orange variety with a copper blush is originally from the United States. Its juicy flesh melts in the mouth and is famous for its intense aromas. You can enjoy this delectable variety from mid-June.

Abricots en vrac de la variété Bergarouge. Un des abricots est coupé en 2, laissant apparaitre son noyau
Bergarouge® :
This variety is cultivated in all three of France’s growing regions. It is easy to recognize by its deep orange colour and large size. It is juicy, very sweet and has very low acidity. It is available from late June through late July.

1 : Source CTIFL

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